About Us

The Church of Christ the Healer was founded to be an alternative denomination within the Christian
tradition with a focus on healing ministry.  We seek to meet the spiritual needs of those
within our community.

We are a community of believers who follow a particular path and share a passion for healing. We also identify as part of the larger Christian community of all denomination who
share a belief in Jesus throughout the ages all over the world.


Our founding principles outline our vision of renewal for the Church of the future:

Radical Inclusion:  our ministries respond to the increasingly diverse world in which we live.

Commitment to Social Justice:  the message of the Gospel is one of challenging power and solidarity with the poor and downtrodden.

Interspirituality:  There are many paths to God; while we follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and the sacramental practices of the Anglican-Catholic and Protestant traditions, we recognize that we have much to learn from other spiritual paths.  Through respect, cooperation and collaboration we strive to grow spiritually ourselves and accompany others on their spiritual journeys.

Collaborative Leadership:  Our leadership model stresses equality and cooperation.  We do not have a hierarchy, rather our members come together in cooperation and affection to support each other and make decisions together.

In every age, it is necessary that the Church respond to the signs of the times and embrace a renewal to meet the spiritual needs of contemporary people.  Sadly, many religious institutions would rather dwindle and die than change.  The Renewal Church strives to save the best of our traditions, apply them to the needs of people today and  minister to all people without exception or judgement.





The new logo of The Church of Christ the Healer our ministry in Milwaukee, WI. The hand represents the laying on of hands for healing. The cross represents the Christian tradition of which we are a part; together the cross within the hand alludes to the hand of Christ with the stigmata — a symbol of the woundedness of humanity and our need and hope for healing.



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