Father Jeffrey Montoya

Father Jeffrey Montoya

The Right Reverend Jeffrey Montoya is the founding Bishop of The Renewal Church.  Bishop Jeffrey has over 15 years of ministry experience in Catholic, Anglican and Protestant churches and institutions.  He was ordained a deacon, priest and bishop according to the Anglican and Catholic tranditions.

In May of 2014 he was lead along with others to found The Renewal Church.

Bishop Jeffrey holds a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from Saint Norbert College and a Master’s degree in Religious Studies from Cardinal Stritch University.

Bishop Jeffrey’s passion is mind-body-spirit healing.  He is an accomplished Reiki Master and spiritual healer.  He is also passionate about giving back to the community through volunteer work.  He is a past board member of DignityUSA and Hope House of Milwaukee.  For the past ten years he has been the Religious Activities Director of Milwaukee PrideFest and has served on the governance committee of Milwaukee Pride, Inc.  or call 414-793-4828



Rev. Lynette Corsten

Mother Lynette Corsten

Rev. Lynette Corsten is an ordained Priestess.  She is available to officiate weddings, baptisms and other ministerial and sacramental needs. Rev. Lynette is happy to officiate destination weddings.

In addition to being a minister, Rev. Lynette is a gifted astrologer, healer and medium. She has been practicing these arts for years (She was introduced to them by her grandmother as a girl). She’s wonderful at incorporating these skills into her ministry. People seek out Rev. Lynette’s wisdom from around the country. She is a frequent speaker and workshop leader. Her TV show, Insightful Happens with Lynette, ran for nearly 20 years.  or call 262-893-6760


Rev. Samuel Christensen

Rev. Samuel Christensen

The Rev. Samuel Christensen is an ordained Deacon. Rev. Sam has his faith founded in the Lutheran and Catholic Christian traditions. An avid student of world religions,
Rev. Sam has an appreciation for the diversity of faith found in other cultures.

Rev. Sam holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of South Dakota and a
Master of Arts Degree in Religious Studies from Cardinal Stritch University.  or call 262-770-2397





Rev. Sandy Moore

The Rev. Sandy Moore was ordained a Deacon into The Church of Christ the Healer, a ministry of The Renewal Church on November 16, 2014.  Sandy was raised Catholic.  She also attended Catholic Grade School, and CCD classes in High School.  She was married in the Catholic Church as well.  Sandy raised her daughter with Catholic beliefs.  She always enforced to her daughter that when she found a religion that made her feel good than feel free to change.

Her new journey started with the Anglican Church at the Healing Mass.   Sandy met Jeffrey Montoya at Alverno College.   She took Reiki Class under Jeffrey.   She enjoyed the classes so much that she continued her education; taking Reiki 2, and her Masters and Teaching classes.  During this time Jeffrey started his Healing Mass and she decided to attend.   At that point she became hooked.   Bishop Jeffrey and the Church welcomed everyone of age, religion background, color, partner preference, divorced, and political belief.  Jeffrey allowed Sandy to assist during the Healing Mass with her Reiki and assist with communion.  She finally found a Church that made her feel good about herself and allowed her to celebrate Religion the way she wanted.  Being ordained has given her the passion and opportunity to reach out to people in need and to someday be able to perform Baptisms, Funerals, Weddings as well as calling on the elderly.  She is excited to be a part of this wonderful Church and Ministry. or call 414-416-7768



Rev. Kim Heideman

The Rev. Kim Heideman was ordained a Deacon into the Church of Christ the Healer, a ministry of The Renewal Church on November 16, 2014. Kim’s religious background started in 1979 in a congressional church where she was confirmed in Rochester, WI.  She stopped going to church in 1982 following her mothers tragic death.  She was advised by the reverend that God wanted her mom in Heaven.  Thus, making her very angry with God and the Church for taking her mother.

Kim revisited her belief in God once again approximately 4 years ago attending a Spiritualist Church.  She did this because she had a sense that her mom was here with her.  She found that she could sense more than just her mom.  Kim had forgotten her spiritual side due to the anger she had.  She connects as very spiritual and feels better having opened that part of her again.  Kim started classes with Christ Divinity School under the direction of Bishop Jeffrey Montoya.  She attend originally only to take the healing part of the classes.  Kim felt the desire to continue her teaching to become a Deacon.  Kim believes in God, and believes she has a purpose as a Deacon in the Church of Christ the Healer, and looks forward to sharing that purpose with others. or call 414-550-3090


Rev. Mary Rose

Rev. Mary Rose Accetturo

The Rev. Mary Rose Accetturo, Milwaukee, WI, a native of Chicago, IL is an ordained Priest.  She is available to officiate weddings, baptisms and other ministerial and sacramental needs.  

Mary Rose is also a member of the Sisters For Christian Community. The Sisters For Christian Community are contemporary women bonded together to manifest their commitment to Christ in a distinct response to Religious Life, as a prophetic, collegial, ecclesial community. The Community: was formed in 1970 in response to Vatican II’s call to return on every level to a participatory and mutual bond of organization; is an international community with a committed membership in all the continents of the world. The Community reflects the journey of women called to be co-foundresses, co-equals and co-responsible for all aspects of this prophetic response to Religious Life which is ecumenical, with a self-supporting membership 

Mary Rose is the Founder of Clare Oasis Inc, a charitable nonprofit organization which serves the young and young at heart by providing a safe place, with programs and activities, to “Come Be and Become.”

Impelled by the Word and Sharing of Bread, Mary Rose professes an unlimited trust in the Divine. She believes in love, accepts it and is willing to respond to the expectations it makes upon her. Mary Rose takes to heart her call to give witness to all she meets, of the reality of unconditional love, which is in everyone’s reach to transform ordinary daily life into a radiant walk of celebrating today.

Professional Affiliations: American Association of Christian Counselors; Certified Relaxation Therapist; Reiki Master or call 414-530-0916




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